Japanese Lesson 14: Verbs (with fully clear illustrations)

Today’s lesson is; Verbs
You can learn how to classify these verbs today!

・What’s the verb?
・Intransitive Verbs and Transitive Verbs
・Conjugations of Verbs
・Classifying Verbs

Group 3. “kuru” and “suru”
■Compounded Verbs
■The answer of the question (Group 2)

Group 2. -ru Verb
1.Group 1 Verbs
2.Potential Verbs
THINK ① The verbs ending with “る” are …
THINK ② The verbs ending with “ -i sound” or “-e sound” are…
THINK ③ When I remove the exceptions…
■The answer of the question (Group 2)

Group 1. -u Verb
■The answer of the question (Group 1)
THINK ① 楽しめる 帰る 読める 入る
THINK ②  住む 楽しむ 働く 読む

・Complete Roadmap to Classify Verbs
・Verbs QUIZ
・Do your homework and submit it to the comment below!