Japanese Lesson 9: How to Express Your Feelings

I'm sleepy

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Today’s lesson is: How to Express Your Feelings 

Key Phrases

I’ll teach you with “ていねい語 teinei-go Polite expression ” 🙂

お元気 ですか?
おげんき ですか?
anata wa ogenki desuka
How are you?
眠い です。
ねむい です。
nemui desu
I’m happy.


私は 嬉しい/幸せ です。
(わたしは)うれしい/しあわせ です。
(Watashi wa ) ureshii / shiawase desu
I’m happy!
私は 元気 です。
(わたしは) げんき です。
(Watashi wa) genki desu
I’m good / fine.
まぁまぁ です。
Mâ mâ desu
So so
いつも通り です。
いつもどおり です。
itsumo-doori desu
Same as usual.
あまり 良くない です。
あまり よくない です。
amari yoku nai desu
Not so good.
体調が 悪い です。
たいちょうが わるい です。
taichou ga warui desu
I feel bad.
私は 落ち込んで います。
(わたしは) おちこんで います。
(Watashi wa) ochikonde imasu
I’m depressed.
私は お腹が空いて います。
(わたしは) おなかがすいて います。
(Watashi wa) onakagasuite imasu
I’m hungry.
私は 眠い です。
(わたしは) ねむい です。
(Watashi wa) nemui desu
I’m sleepy.
私は 疲れて います。
(わたしは) つかれて います。
(Watashi wa) tsukarete imasu
I’m tired.
私は ワクワク しています。
(わたしは)わくわく しています。
(Watashi wa) wakuwakushite imasu
I’m excited.
私は 悲しい です。
(わたしは) かなしい です。
(Watashi wa) kanashii desu
I’m sad.
私は 怒って います。
(わたしは) おこって います。
(Watashi wa) okotte imasu
I’m angry.
私は 緊張して います。
(わたしは) きんちょうして います。
(Watashi wa) kinchoushite imasu
I’m nervous.
⭐️It’s very important conception;

(Subject) is often omitted on Japanese because we don’t want to say expressly what they make sense. It is more natural to omit subject on Japanese. Besides, we also feel weird if you add them to it.

Let’s Read the Book

引用元:絵本ひろば 『きみはきれいだ』by nura

Let’s try to read this book 😊📚

👉『きみは きれいだ』by nura


Monster Juda didn't have any firends.
" You're dirty! Go away!"
Juda tired to wash his body.
"Hey hey! The water gonna be dirty! Go away!"
He tried to talk to somebody.
"You forgot something."
"Oh no... It's a monster!"
"Let's play together."
"I'm not going out with you unless you're the pure white pigeon."
"Let's play together."
"I can't play with such a strange rabbit."
The monster weird-looking has never changed...even if he did the best.
He completely lost his confidence.
One morning, a butterfly came down.
"Help me. I'm so thirsty I feel like I'm going to die!"
Juda gave some water.
He became sad when he looked at his face reflected in the water.
"Thank you. You made me up."
The butterfly was near his nose.
"Why you don't run away? Don't you think I'm strange?"
"I'm invisible. I can't see your figure." said the butterfly."
" oh... I see. So you can't see your beautiful figure too?"
"Am I beautiful?"
"Yeah, very much."
" How am I look beautiful?"
"Let's see...When I look at you, I feel excited and happy. Just like that."
"So you're beautiful too." said the butterfly.
"When I hear your voice, I feel calm and happy."
"You're beautiful."
"So please let me hear your voice. I know! Could you sing a song?"
"A song?"
"My favorite thing is dancing. So I think it might be fun if I dance with your singing."
Juda sang a song.
The butterfly danced.
Somehow, Juda became happy because she looked very happy.
They've been singing and dancing.
The song for the morning...
The song for the night...
The song for the rainy day...
The song for the windy day...
He sang various feelings.
When she has trouble, he helped her.
"I feel strong when I am with you."
Before I knew it, I was not worried.
People all became happy with the singing voice which sounded from somewhere.
"What song should I sing next?"
Everyone can hear the Juda's singing voice near the butterfly.

Your Homework

✏️Answer this question in Japanese and comment to the below.

  1. お元気ですか。

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