Japanese Lesson 7: How to talk about the Weather

Hi, I’m ojachan 🙂 Today’s lesson is: How to talk about the weather

I was a cram school teacher in Japan. I taught Japanese from elementary to junior high school students. Don’t you want to know how to learn Japanese like Japanese kids? I’ll teach you how to start from beginner’s level Japanese.

Let’s get started!

Today’s lesson is: How to talk about the weather

Key Phrases

I’ll teach you with “ていねい語 teinei-go Polite expression ” 🙂

今日の 天気は どうですか。
きょうの てんきは どうですか。
kyou no tenki wa doudesuka
How’s the weather today?
今日は 晴れ です。
きょうは はれ です。
kyou wa hare desu
It is sunny today.



Let’s Practice

The best website to learn Kanji

And you should also learn kanji starting from easy one every time.

We usually use ひらがな, カタカナkatakana for loan word and 漢字kanji characters.

Japanese people usually learn kanji starting from 6 years old.

Children are from 6 to 12 y.o. learn 1026 kanji at elementary school in 2020, children are from 13 to 15 y.o. learn 1110 kanji at junior high school in 2020, and children are from 16 to 18 learn 1945 kanji at high school.

When you learn kanji, it is really important how to write kanji following the stroke order of the characters!

I recommend you to learn kanji with app effectively and quickly.

But if you don’t have any tools to learn kanji, I recommend you this site;

ちびむすドリル小学生(in Japanese only)

Today’s lesson is: How to say about the weather
Today’s lesson is: How to say about the weather
Today’s lesson is: How to say about the weather

Japanese customs “てるてる坊主”

Do you know てるてる坊主 teru-teru-bozu?

It’s Japanese customs and good luck charm.

When we wish the fine day, we make a てるてる坊主teru-teru-bozu to make a wish. We make てるてる坊主 with tissue paper and hang it near the window. If we want to have a rainy day, we turn it upside down.

Your Homework

✏️Answer these questions in Japanese and comment to the below.

1.今日は どんな 天気 ですか。

Okay, that’s all for today!

Good luck with your Japanese study 😉

P.S. My English skill is not enough yet. Please correct me with DM from CONTACT if my English is wrong. Thank you for your cooperation!

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