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Minna no Nihongo 21: Watashi wa Onigiri wo Kai ni Ikimasu

Hi, ojachan is here 🙂 Today’s lesson is:【第13課】 Lesson 13. Watashi wa Onigiri wo Kai ni Ikimasu

Don’t you want to know how to learn Japanese like Japanese kids? This lesson is meant for students that are beginners at Japanese. 

⭐️This lesson is following the textbook “Minna no Nihongo”. (*not perfectly)

⭐️I’m going to give a lesson easier to understand for Japanese learners without following textbook’s orders.

Let’s learn how to use 2 verbs in a sentence. You can improve from beginner’s level to intermediate level of Japanese with this grammar.

Let’s get started!

1. わたしは Nを V に 行きます。

Here is how to say【I go (place) to V sth.】 in Japanese.

For example:

“I go to the convenience store.”
“I buy rice balls at the convenience store.”
“I go to the convenience store to buy rice balls.”

I’m going to teach you how to combine 2 sentences to a 1 sentence.

Basic Patterned Sentence

watashi wa onigiri wo Kai ni Ikimasu 2
わたしは コンビニに おにぎりを 買い に 行きます。
watashi wa konbini ni onigiri wo kai ni ikimasu
I go to the convenience store to buy rice balls.

わたしは コンビニに おにぎりを 買い に 行きません
watashi wa konbini ni onigiri wo kai ni ikimasen
I don’t go to the convenience store to buy rice balls.

あなたは コンビニに おにぎりを 買い に 行きますか
anata wa konbini ni onigiri wo kai ni ikimasuka
Do you go to a convenience store to buy rice balls?

hai Ikimasu
Yes, I do.

iie ikimasen
No, I don’t.

Most common Vocabulary Words of “~に 行きます。”

日本語 pronunciationEnglish
遊び に 行きますasobi ni ikimasuto go to enjoy
食べ に 行きますtabe ni ikimasuto go eating
飲み に 行きますnomi ni ikimasuto go drinking
見に 行きますmi ni ikimasuto go seeking
散歩し に 行きますsanposhi ni ikimasuto go taking a walk
走り に 行きますhashiri ni ikimasuto go running
取り に 行きますtori ni ikimasuto go taking
働き / 仕事 に 行きますhataraki / shigoto ni ikimasuto go working
言い に 行きますii ni ikimasuto go telling
(サッカーを)し に 行きます(sakkaa wo) shi ni ikimasuto go playing (soccer)

■ A Tons of Ways to Use 遊ぶ

わたしの 息子は 公園に 遊び に 行きます。
watashi no musuko wa ni kouen ni asobini ikimasu
My son goes to the park to play.

Though “to play”  in English is used for the scene of the playing children, it is used for various situations in spite of adults or kids in Japanese.

わたしは USJに 遊び に 行きます。
watashi wa USJ ni asobi ni ikimasu
I go to the Universal Studio Japan to have fun.

In this case of “遊ぶ” means of 【to have fun / to have a good time】.

わたしは 仕事が 終わった 後、 渋谷 で 遊び ました。
watashi wa shigoto ga owatta ato shibuya de asobimashita
I enjoyed myself at Shibuya after work.

In this case of “遊ぶ” , the listener would image karaoke shopping, or eating out etc.

わたしは とても 忙しくて 遊べ ません。
watashi wa totemo isogashikute asobemasen
I have no time to relax because I am very busy.

This meaning is 【no time to relax】.

In this way, “遊ぶ” is used as 【having a good time of himself / herself】.

2. わたしは Nを V1 V2 ます / ました。

If you want to include 2 verbs in a sentence, you can use these patterned sentences.

わたしは カフェ  行きます
watashi wa kafe ni ikimasu
I go to the cafe.
わたしは ランチを 食べます
watashi wa ranchi wo tabemasu
I eat lunch at the cafe.
わたしは カフェに ランチを 食べ  行きます
watashi wa kafe ni ranchi wo tabe ni ikimasu
I go to the cafe to eat lunch.

The way of combing like a:

A : I have an apple pen.
B: I have a pineapple pen.
A+B: Pen pineapple apple pen.

right? lol

Aわたしは 図書館で 日本語を 勉強しました
watashi wa toshokan de nihongo wo benkyoushimashita
I studied Japanese at the library.
わたしは 終わりました
watashi wa owarimashita
I’ve finished.
わたしは 図書館で 日本語を 勉強し 終わりました
watashi wa toshokan de nihongo wo benkyoushi owarimashita
I’ve finished studying Japanese at the library.

For green color verb is a masu form verb.

わたしは YouTubeで 動画を 見ます
watashi wa Youtube de douga wo mimasu
I watch a video on Youtube.
わたしは 動画を 楽しみます
watashi wa youtube de douga wo tanoshimimasu
I enjoy the video.
わたしは YouTubeで 動画を   楽しみます
watashi wa youtube de douga wo mite tanoshimimasu
I enjoy watching the video on YouTube.

You can learn the difference and between particles に,で and on next lesson!


Most common Vocabulary Words of “V1 V2ます。”

日本語 pronunciationEnglish
会い に 来ます。ai ni kimasuto come to see
見 て 楽しみます。mi te tanoshimimasuto enjoy watching
読み 終わります。yomi owarimasuto finish reading
わかり 始めます。wakari hajimemasuto start understanding
勉強し て 過ごします。benkyoushi te sugoshimasuto spend the time studying

Let’s Practice

Your Homework

✏️Answer these questions in Japanese and comment  below.

1. あなたは スーパーで 何を 買いに 行きますか。
2. あなたは いつ 日本語を 勉強し 始めましたか。

Okay, that’s all for today!

Good luck with your Japanese study 😉


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